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Welcome to our Photo Gallery.

Enjoy some of our smile transformations. Details of how the following treatments and others are available under our "Dental Videos" tab.


Case Number 1

Above: Healthy, but excessively spaced teeth.


Above:  A post-operative smile.  This patient received a minor gum surgery, Opalescence tooth whitening, and DaVinci porcelain veneers.


The photo above is a continuation of case 1 and is a retracted view of this patient taken after healing from the gum surgery, but prior to fabrication and placement of the veneers.


And finally a photo of the porcelain veneers in place.  The color and contours very naturally match those of the surrounding natural teeth.


Case Number 2







In the above case, we were presented with simple misalignments and proportion problems.








After ensuring that this patient's mouth was clean and healthy, we gave her nine porcelain veneers fabricated by DaVinci Studios.

Case Number 3







In this case we simply fixed the alignment of the patient's front four teeth, making sure to match her other natural teeth.


Below:  A view after veneer placement.







And above, with the benefit of beautifully framing lips, the finished case.

Case Number 4







In this case, the patient desired some spacing and shape changes for her front teeth.







Veneers on just the four front teeth took care of the problem. Pre-treatment tooth whitening also improved the color of all the teeth.









A side view demonstrates the spacing problem more clearly.









The spaces are closed with Davinci porcelain veneers. Note that the texture of the new veneers even matches that of the lowers.








A post-operative smile achieved in just under three weeks.


Case Number 5







The above patients worn teeth did not give him the appearance he desired.







Here, we gave new life to ten upper teeth. They are brighter and look extremely natural. Conservative restoration with veneers replaced the tooth structure that had been worn away over time.



A post-operative smile.




Case Number 6







In this work in progress, we simply wanted to improve the color and shape of the teeth while closing large spaces.




Case Number 7





Here are some smaller shots of an unfinished case where the upper remaining teeth were made healthier and then crowned with porcelain. Remember it's a work in progress...






Porcelain in place....






More of a side view above....






Note the healthier gum tissues and improved color, texture, and alignment of the new upper teeth. There's obviously more work to do here, but we're off to a beautiful start, and this patient can smile much bigger already.



Case Number 8


Here is a simple example of what we can do to change the appearance of amalgam (silver) fillings. They tend to get darker with age and can taint the tooth color with gray or black.

Tooth-colored fillings look natural and don't draw attention to teeth that have required treatment. This look can be accomplished with composite or porcelain. We can help you decide which material would function and look the best for you.


Results may vary in individual cases.




Alabama Dental Code requires the following:  No representation is made that the quality of dental services to be performed is greater than the quality of dental services performed by other dentists.